Friday, August 22, 2014

Ordeal V Adventure

Picture via Pinterest, original source unknown

I don't usually go for inspirational quotes, I find them to be a bit naff and cheesy, but this one though, this one is so fitting for right now.

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

Losing a job, being made redundant, that's a pretty big ordeal. That mortgage and those bills aren't going to pay themselves. Being made redundant two weeks before my one-year anniversary meant that I wasn't entitled to a redundancy package? (Oh, I'm not bitter about that at all. Not. At. All) That's an ordeal.

But there isn't any point moping about it, is there? It's done, they're done, I'm done. Now it's time to move on.

What makes this an adventure is that I can right all the wrongs in my life. Rather than look for work in Geelong, my hometown, I can venture further afield to Melbourne - the world's most livable city, if those polls are to be believed - where the money is better and opportunity seems infinite.

Maybe I should be scared. Maybe I'll have the wind taken out of my sails in three weeks when I still don't have a job and my savings are rapidly dwindling. Maybe I'll fall (but oh my darling, what if you fly?). Or maybe, as my friend and ex-work colleague said to me yesterday, this will be the making of me.

I find these times in life, when you know life is going to be turned on its head, to be so exhilarating. Routine scares me. I need the rush and the adrenaline of being pushed out of my comfort zone because it makes me feel alive. And Goddammit, do I feel alive right now!


  1. Feel alive, be alive!
    This is an awesome quote. :)

    I keep hearing awesome things about Melbourne so maybe it WOULD be an awesome adventure to go?

  2. Annelise, seize the f*cking day! It happened for a reason, don't let it pass you by. If change is going to come, try to at least steer it in a direction you've always wanted to go. Love this post! Follw up plz.

  3. Honestly I procrastinated for years about leaving my job; took a sabbatical and went back, still hating it and still another six months til I left! Making the choice is hard so see this as a gift, the choice is made, whether it was yours or not, see the good in it. Hard to do at times but still, you an do it! Xx Lou x

  4. Sounds like a blessing in disguise to me. It's been on your heart, and now it is your reality. Spread those wings, girl!