Friday, September 19, 2014

One Month On

Today is the one-month anniversary of my unemployment. I'm acknowledging the day by sulking and refusing to get out of bed. It's just gone 3pm, for the record.

A couple of weeks ago, I was all Tra la la la, this is such an adventure, this is going to be so much, talk about funemployment, tra la la la! but today, I feel defeated. Looking for work is demoralising. The constant cycle of applying for jobs and being rejected, either by a thanks-but-no-thanks email or just deafening silence, is wearing me down.

I've had interviews and not heard back. I've met people face-to-face, had a conversation, looked them in the eye, and they haven't bothered to let me know the outcome. I've sent follow-up emails and not had a reply. I've left friendly voicemail messages and not had a return phone call. Not all for the same potential employer, mind; that would mean I was a bit mental. No, this is across the board. It's rapid fire rejection. Pow pow pow!

So I'm taking today to sulk and wallow. Come Monday, my armour will be a little tougher, my skin a little thicker. I'll pull myself together and keep going because what other choice do I have?


  1. Ah shit, that sucks, and I'm sorry :( I think sometimes people simply don't like delivering the news to someone who has been unsuccessful and fail to realise how disheartening it is to not even hear anything back, whether bad or good (either that, or they are just kind of ... dicks). Keep sulking for the rest of the evening - tomorrow is a new day :) xx

  2. Not getting back to you after an interview is unacceptable. I hope you do feel stronger ready for the next round xx

  3. Use this time to do stuff you love. Yes, look for work, but use all the freedom to write, or go skydiving, or whatever.
    Once work starts up, (I find this is the case anyway) you'll be too drained at the end of the day to want to do anything but eat nutella and sit in the bath tub. Okay, maybe that's just me because I hate my job and school is killing me.

  4. I feel this way when work is slow and I repeatedly call my brother asking if there isn't something for me to do. But I agree with Shannon. You gotta look for work, but in the meantime, look for joy. Do the things you are always wishing you could be doing while you are sitting at work. Better yet. Write me a letter!