Sunday, May 10, 2015

Initial Thoughts of a Social Media Detox

Two initial thoughts after a weekend social media detox:

1. I wonder what everyone is up to?

2. Christ, I'm bored.

I totally cracked. I don't even think I lasted 24 hours. I received an email that alerted me to a Facebook notification and when I logged in, I had three notifications and a new friend request. I checked Instagram and saw I had some mentions. I realised that I hadn't told anyone who doesn't read this blog about my detox and it felt like not checking in was kind of rude. 

And then I looked at Pinterest and it was all over.

I like the people I follow on Twitter, they're funny and clever. I use Twitter as my main source of news and what's happening around the world. I like Instagram and getting a glimpse into the lives of the people I follow all around the world. And Pinterest, as pointless as it is, is fun. Cutting them out of my life, even for a few hours, felt like punishment.

So rather than a detox, I think I'll just go on a social media diet instead.

I don't have a problem. You have a problem.


  1. I can't detox. a lot of my friends are on social media, I campaign on social media, and it's where I get news, interesting articles, pictures of kittens. Why would I stop? What I DO try to do is limit what i use. So, once a week I limit a day's social media to one hour. It's just about manageable.

    We can be addicted together.

  2. I've been thinking about doing a detox for ages. When I finish study I would like to go for something pretty hardcore and delete my Facebook account. At the very least I would like to reduce how often I check my phone.

    For now I'll stick to my online shopping detox. So far so good!

  3. Hmmmm. I am soooooo old school. Lately, I have found myself not even turning my laptop on for days at a time. And I don't have a smartphone, so no worries there. Obviously, I drop by Blogger less and less. But I am pretty attached to Pinterest and the three Tumblr pages that I favorite. I'm just not a social media person, I guess. But then, like you said, I feel a little rude when I see how many blog updates I have missed and Pinterest comments I haven't read. Oh well. The weather is too nice to be on this machine and my brain needs some rest.

  4. I can't quit it. Hence being here, right now. I love it too much.

  5. I tried twice to detox, first time it was everything, I made it about 2 days. The second time, I kept blogging and that was all I allowed myself to do. I last much longer and want to try it again next month. We'll see how I do. I say, try again. Maybe next time only give up certain social media accounts (your worst addiction), and continue with the others.