Thursday, December 31, 2015

Trust in the timing of your life

Image via Pinterest, original source unknown

My last post has been bothering me for months. Ominous in its tone, it makes me sound depressed and like I was one bad day away from taking a long walk off a short pier.

But it only takes one little thing for it all to change direction. One phone call from a friend who says "I hope you don't mind but I recommended you for a job." Turns out there were two positions available. I had an interview, then another interview but didn't get either job. "I would like to hire you," he said, "so I will keep you in mind for when something else comes up," 

Sure you will.

But two weeks later, he phoned me again. So we had another interview. Then I had a fourth interview. And I got the job. One so much better than the first two. I've been there three months and I can honestly say it's the best job I've ever had. I love it. I have a great boss, I love the people I work with, I have the freedom (and most importantly) the trust to use my initiative. Excitedly, I'm starting to think about the longer term and I'm considering options that were previously on the Cold Day in Hell list. It's not at all what I thought I would be doing - not what I wanted  to do - but that's the beauty of life, isn't it? The happy little surprises. 

Life is good. Storms don't last forever. Happy 2016.


  1. Hi Annelise! So lovely to see a post from you. Congratulations on your new(ish) job; I am so glad that things worked out and that you are happy :) 2015 absolutely blew as far as I am concerned, but as you say, storms don't last forever (fingers and toes crossed, anyway). Happy 2016 to you, too. xox

    1. Hello Nat! I wish nothing but happiness and inner peace for you. Reading into what you haven't said in your blog and instagram posts, it does indeed sound like it's blown. Can only get better, right? I hope so. xxx

  2. That's awesome Annelise! Sounds like things are going really well. Glad to hear that you are happy and loving your new job xo

  3. I've been thinking about you. Glad to hear you are happier in your new job. We should play catch up. It's been a long time. Life is different every single day.